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Watercolor Portraits by Rose Bradley

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I paint and draw portraits because I love the beauty I see in all faces, and the stories they tell. Watercolor is my favorite medium because it too seems to have a life of its own. It moves. It has its way with light. It is most suited to rendering realistic skin tones. When I do a portrait I work for a likeness, of course, but there is always a point when a light goes on and I know I have it, the spark that is that person. I paint for that spark.

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Watercolor flowers by Rose Bradley



Watercolor Pets by Rose Bradley


Watercolor landscapes by Rose Bradley


Rose Bradley Watercolor Artist

Rose Bradley, a life-long resident of Michigan, has been painting her light-filled watercolors for over 20 years. She has completed many commissioned portraits ranging from small children to seniors, as well as many well-loved family pets.

In her commitment to never stop learning, she has studied with well known watercolor artists such as Janet Rogers, Joseph Fettingis, Vianna Szabo,  and Helga Flower. She has also completed the Intensive Studies Seminar in Taos, NM with Skip Lawrence, Fran Larson, and Christopher Schink.

Her work can be seen in local juried and non-juried shows through Ann Arbor Women Artists, Great Lakes Plein Air Painters, Chelsea Artists Guild, Saline Painters Guild, and at the Terrace Inn, Bay View, MI where she has been an Artist in Residence for 10 years.

Rose can most often be found in her studio at 2nd Life Gallery and Studios located within the USArtQuest building in Chelsea. She enjoys teaching watercolor painting to beginners and returnees in the USArtQuest classroom. She willingly shares her painting “secrets” to her students, which fulfills her current goals of learning, giving, and joy.