Rose-Bradley Watercolor Artist

Rose Bradley – Self Portrait

Commission a Watercolor Portrait

I paint and draw portraits because I love the beauty I see in all faces, and the stories they tell. Watercolor is my favorite medium because it too seems to have a life of its own. It moves. It has its way with light. It is most suited to rendering realistic skin tones. When I do a portrait I work for a likeness, of course, but there is always a point when a light goes on and I know I have it, the spark that is that person. I paint for that spark.

We all know of certain faces, images that we could gaze upon forever, our children, our parents, those we love or admire, the look of those we hope never to forget, even when they are gone. A painting, while not as exact as a photograph, allows us to fill in with our best memories. It calls them forth in us. Is there such a one in your life? Let me work with you to make their memory special.

All portraits are done from photos. The image of the face should be at least 4 ” high with clear detail. All photos are returned with the finished portrait. I can take pictures for you for a fee of $50.

Pencil drawings are done on Bristol board. The background is without detail. Water color portraits are done on Arches 300# cold-pressed watercolor paper in the vignette format.

Call or Email me to arrange an appointment, or send photos with a check or money order payable to Rose Bradley for 30% down (not refundable) to begin. Remainder is to be paid at delivery or before portrait is shipped.

One subject, head and shoulders, in watercolor 11×14″ is $400. The same in pencil is $300. Art is matted but not framed. Please allow 8-10 weeks for completion.